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The All Australian Live Casino section of the All Australian Casino gives online Australian players the unique opportunity to play with professional dealers through a live transmission. Forming part of the All Australian live casino games, the All Australian live roulette is provided through a live transmission broadcasted from the land based Portomaso Casino which is located on the island of Malta. This is what is a live casino and makes this online casino so unique to all Australian players no matter where they are located. This same opportunity is being offered to players who wish to play additional live table games in the form of the All Australian live Blackjack and Baccarat. However more information about this is located in a different section of this information site.

According to casino history roulette has been the most popular and one of the oldest table games since the 18th century. It was only natural that with the development of online gaming and the introduction of casino games that the All Australian Live roulette was introduced to the Australian public. It provides players to play one of the most fun filled games full of excitement and reality giving those players in need of a land based casino feel. It does not take much to learn how to play All Australian live roulette as this version follows the same rules and regulations as one would expect from a land based casino game of roulette. All that is required in order to play the game are a roulette layout table, a roulette wheel and a small white ball which will spin within the wheel. As the All Australian live roulette is based on European roulette, players are expected to find a roulette layout of numbers from zero to thirty six. This means that this version of roulette will include solely the single zero unlike the American roulette which would also include the double zero figure. The colour coordination of the numbers within the layout will correspond with the coloured numbers within the roulette wheel ranging from either black or red and the zero will be coloured in green in order to make the distinction. The objective of any roulette is simple and easy to follow as it requires players to place any form of bets on the roulette layout in the hopes that their bets correspond with the winning number revealed by the ball within the roulette wheel. Bets are made prior to the spinning of the ball and it is important that online players follow the table limits according to the one they have selected. There are various forms of bets which may be made within the All Australian live roulette and those include both inside and outside bets. The difference between the two is that inside bets are any bets placed on the actual numbered layout and these types of bets include a straight up which is a bet made directly on a single number, a split bet which is made up of a bet between two adjacent numbers among others. On the other hand, the roulette layout is also made up of sections where numbers are grouped and players are able to make a general bet. These are what are referred to as outside bets. These types of bets include the red or black bets where players may either bet on all red or on all black numbers, odds and eve n numbers where players may bet on either all odd numbers or on all even numbers among others. For further details on the different types of bets and their odds, online Australian players may refer to the table available among the rules and regulations of the game.

Once the objective of the game has been established, online Australian online players may now begin to form an understanding on what is a live casino. As mentioned earlier, the All Australian live casino has collaborated with one of the most popular land based casino which is located on the island of Malta, called the Portomaso Casino. Over the past few years, Malta has become a popular desitnation among European as a place with some of the most attractive casinos. The Portomaso Casino is one such casino which attracts the attention of locals as well as foreign players who travel to Malta purposely to join this casino’s tables. It is for this reason that the All Australian Casino has selected this casino to collaborate with. The way the live casino games such as the All Australian live roulette work is that cameras are located above the roulette table where a live dealer will be playing with land based casino players. The camera above is linked to a direct feed attached to the All Australian Casino and online Australian players are able to view all the goings on around that particular table as well as join in and place bets during the same game. As none of these live games require players to download them beforehand, online Australian players are able to access them through instant play directly through the internet. However in order to gain this access, online players must firstly log into their Australian casino account as the All Australian live roulette is only available in real mode with real money play.

Once the All Australian live roulette has been selected as a preferred live casino game, Australian online players are given a number of tables to choose from based on the preferred table limits. These range depending on the minimum and maximum wagering requirements of the particular table. After this has been done, online Australian players will enter a new large screen which will provide them with a clear view of an imitation roulette layout similar to that of the land based casino where they will be able to place their online bets. On the top right hand corner of the same screen, they will also be able to view the direct transmission being broadcasted from within the Portomaso Casino. The cameras will zoom in an out between a bird’s eye view of the whole table as well as the final winning numbered revealed in the actual roulette wheel. Before this happens, online players are given a specific amount of time in which to place their numerous bets (as long as they stick with the table limits of the particular All Australian live casino roulette game), and once this time has expired, a notification will pop up informing them that no more bets will be accepted. Once this is done, online players, may simply wait and view the live feed for the final results. Any winnings obtained from the game play will follow the same odds as one would come to expect from a land based casinos, and these will be transferred to the player’s account in the form of chips. Online Australian players may then cash in their chips by transferring them to their main account whenever they see fit.