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One of the most competitive and interesting casino card games has to be the game of Blackjack. Not only does it give a sense of excitement, but it also gives players the chance to try out their skills and luck in one of the oldest games in casino history. Blackjack has only but grown in popularity for as long as it existed, and it was only natural that with the development of online casinos, that this game was to be included among the most popular online live casino games. Although there are many online casinos Australian players may choose from however, there are few of them which have adapted their live casinos to suit the desires and functionality of Australian players. Once such casino, is of course the All Australian Live Casino.

The Australian live Blackjack gives online Australian players the unique possibility of being able to play this popular card game in one of the most unique possibilities in the industry. However before being able to understand what is a live casino, players must first be clear on the objectives and the method of play of such an attractive game. It is a known fact that not all online players have an equal amount of experience when it comes to the All Australian live Blackjack. But the first step is learning is always the toughest and the game only gets easier to understand with time. The main objective of any blackjack game is to gain a hand of cards which either total a maximum of twenty one points or at least contain more points that the hand dealt by the dealer to himself. The best hand any player may hope to gain is a total of twenty one points exactly which is an actual blackjack. The calculation of points within the game is easy and it follows the following rules: An Ace card can be made up of either one or eleven points depending on the cards handed out before and after that card; all picture cards which are the King, Queen and Jack are made up of ten points each respectively; all other cards within the multiple decks are made up of the points according to their face value (this means that for example the ten card is made up of ten points, the three card is made up of three points and so on and so forth). While the All Australian live Blackjack is dealt with eight full decks, the best hand a player can hope to gain is a perfect blackjack made up of two cards which are usually an ace and a picture card making up the twenty one points. However it is important that no hand exceeds those twenty one points or else the hand will go bust and any bets automatically lost.

In a standard land based blackjack game, a player will be expected to place bets on the table before the dealer begins dealing the cards. After having shuffled the cards and the bets have been placed, the dealer will begin dealing one card at a time to the players first and lastly to himself. This is where the difference between the land based game of blackjack and the All Australian live blackjack differs. At an actual table, it is up to the players to decide whether or not they wish to add more cards to their hand in the hopes of gaining maximum points without exceeding twenty one points. In the All Australian live blackjack however there is no way for online Australian players to communicate with the dealer as the feed of the dealer is being transmitted from a land based casino within Malta. So much so, that the unique software being utilised in this broadcast does not limit the amount of online players to a specific amount. This means that there are an unlimited number of players who may play the same all Australian live blackjack game at the same time. This is why it is impossible for all these players to communicate with the dealer all at once and therefore it is up to the dealer to follow strict rules and regulations in order to deal the cards in a proper manner to online players. These rules include the addition of cards to a hand which carries sixteen points or less and the seizing of additional cards when the hand contains seventeen points or more. Therefore the online game play of the All Australian live blackjack is somewhat easier that in the case of a land based casino.

As mentioned earlier, the All Australian live casino has collaborated with one of the most popular land based casinos in Malta called the Portomaso Casino. This makes this Australian based live casino the only of its kind which has collaborated with this particular casino. Its professionally trained dealers are closely monitored by the managers of the casino as well as Australian online players who will be receiving a front seat view of the entire goings on at the blackjack table. The way this is made possible is thanks to the unique software put into place by the All Australian live casino which allow players to access the all Australian live blackjack from any computer anywhere through immediate internet access. However it is important to note that in order to begin playing this game, Australian players must first be logged into their account and begin playing in real mode. Once they have done so and clicked on the All Australian live blackjack, they are given a number of tables to choose from based on minimum and maximum wagering limits of the particular table. Upon doing so, a large screen will open up with an imitation of a blackjack table with clearly marked different placing for which players to place their bets in. On the same screen, a smaller window will appear with the live feed of the dealer and the blackjack table being broadcasted from the Portomaso Casino. An online player is given a specific amount of time to place their bets on either one or all the designated areas. Once this time has expired and no more bets are accepted, then the dealer will begin dealing the hands following the rules and regulations of the All Australian Live Blackjack game as mentioned above. It is up to the player now to simply decide on whether to split their bets or double up their bets when the occasion calls for it. Otherwise all a player would need to do is observe the dealer and the hands and wait for their winnings to be transferred to their balance at the end of the round.