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Baccarat otherwise also referred to as Puntobanco is one of the oldest card games in casino history having been introduced by the French. It is fast paced games which has attracted the interest of many casino goers for a numbers of years. With the development of online casinos and their live casino games, it was only natural that this game would also be included among the most favoured and sought after by casino players and online players alike.
With the development of online casinos however also came the diversity in which the game of baccarat is portrayed. In the case of the All Australian casino, it offers a variety of virtual games including the games of baccarat but nothing causes more anticipation and excitement than the All Australian live baccarat. Having adapted the functionality and services to suit Australian online players alone, the All Australian live baccarat gives these players the unique opportunity to play this amazing game with real live dealers whose feed is broadcasted directly form a land based casino located on the Mediterranean island of Malta. There is no other Australian online casino which offers its players this unique chance therefore making the game that much more interesting. The baccarat game which is also referred to in this case as Puntobanco which was named so by the Italians is a fast paced game which is easy to play and understand allowing players to understand more ‘what is a live casino’. The Portomaso Casino from which the live transmission is broadcasted from allows Australian online players to play with professionally trained dealers from the comfort of their own homes while still placing bets on an imitation table resembling that of any land based casinos. However being able to explain how to play all Australian live casino baccarat, players must firstly understand the main objective of the game.

The All Australian live Baccarat or Puntobanco is a fast paced table game whose main objective is for players to bet on the right hand in the hopes of it comprising a larger amount of points that the others. There are three main areas in which players must place bets before the cards are dealt and these areas are named Player / Punto, Banker / Banco or Tie. The cards are mainly dealt in the two main areas of Player and Bank, however the Tie option is given in the case where a player presumes that the points of these two main hands are equal and will ties one another. Therefore a player is given the chance to either place bets below one or all marked placing. As such there is no form of prediction which allows the player to successfully guess the cards which are to be dealt in each hand as it is a game based on luck of the draw. Sure there are certain strategies which may be followed but players are given the chance to place bets on all areas of the All Australian live baccarat table. But one thing is for certain and that is the point value of each individual card. The calculation is simple and is as follows: all picture cards which are the Queen, King and Jack as well as all the ten cards are made up of zero (0) points; the Ace cards are made up of 1 point and all other cards within the multiple decks are calculated at face value i.e. the 7 card is made up of a total of 7 points, the 2 card is made up of a total of 2 points and so on and so forth.

Although the calculation of the point system is simple, the dealing of the cards is somewhat different. The dealer must follow specific rules and regulations related to the cards that follow each set of numbers. Though this may seem overwhelming at first, with practice and time, Australian players may find it easy eventually. For a better understanding, the following table may help:

The dealer may only draw cards in the section of the player if the Player / Punto first two cards drawn add up to a total of:

In the case of the Banker / Banco the rules differ as the cards dealt to the banker may also affect the cards dealt to the player. If the Banker / Banco first two cards add up to:

In the case of the All Australian live Baccarat, the method of play is easy to perform. Firstly, in order to access the live casino game of baccarat, online Australian players must log into their accounts in order to be in a position to play in real mode with real money balance. Once this has been done, then the player must choose from a series of tables of baccarat depending on the table limits of their choice; this will depend on the minimum and maximum wagering limits that the player prefer to play All Australian live casino with. As All Australian live baccarat is only available during the operating hours of the Portomaso Casino, this gives plenty of time for online Australian online players to begin a new round. Once selected, a screen will open up revealing an imitation table of the baccarat game with the markings of Punto (for Player), Banco (for Bank) and Tie clearly marked on the table. An online player is given a specific amount of time to place bets within the table limits on one or all the marked areas on the table. When this time has expired, no more bets will be accepted. On the same screen on the top right hand corner, online players will be able to view the live transmission of the dealer within the Portomaso Casino. The camera located above the dealer’s table will zoom in between a bird’s eye view of the whole table and a close up of the cards being dealt. As mentioned many times before, the Australian live Baccarat game is a fast paced game and once the dealer has been given the mark to begin dealing the cards, they will do so by dealing one card at a time on the Player and Banker placing. If an online player’s prediction of the right hand has come true, then the player will receive their winnings in the form of chips as placed on the table. These chips may be cashed out at any point in time the player desires thus enabling them to accumulate a fair amount of winnings.